History of the PAC Consortium

The Postabortion Care Consortium was established in 1993 by Ipas, AVSC (now EngenderHealth), JHPIEGOPathfinder International and IPPF to raise awareness in the reproductive health community about the need to address complications of unsafe abortion and miscarriage.  The founding vision was for the Consortium to promote PAC as an effective strategy for improving maternal health and also to encourage USAID, UNFPA, and other international donors and agencies in the reproductive health and population field to address the issue of unsafe abortion in their policies and programs. Additional organizations joined in subsequent years and currently the PAC Consortium has participants representing approximately 60 organizations worldwide.

To date, the Consortium has played a critical role at the international level in advocating for policy changes and increasing resources for PAC services and the prevention of unsafe abortion. The Consortium continues to inform the broader reproductive health community about health issues related to unsafe abortion and strategies to confront this through PAC and to promote PAC as an effective strategy for addressing this global problem, especially in countries where abortion is highly restricted.