Postabortion Care: Two Decades of Uneven Progress and Where We Go From Here

How do we reduce the harm caused by unsafe abortion and ensure that the world’s women and girls access quality, comprehensive, and stigma-free postabortion care?

Ellen Israel of Pathfinder International, the current chairing organization of the PAC Consortium, has written a blog post on just these questions titled “Postabortion Care: Two Decades of Uneven Progress and Where We Go From Here” on the Pathfinder International website. The blog post highlights the insightful recommendations that flowed from the 45 plus meeting participants and the technical advisory panel comprised of Bela Ganatra (WHO), Shahida Zaidi (FIGO), Nuriye Ortayli (UNFPA), and Manuelle Hurwitz (IPPF) at the May 2013 PAC Consortium Semi-Annual Meeting at Women Deliver in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Some of the recommendations outlined include:

  • Invest in better data collection and reporting
  • Improve access to quality, comprehensive service delivery
  • Integrate family planning into postabortion care
  • Address stigma
  • Increase global acceptance of misoprostol use
  • Reduce the barriers youth face in accessing postabortion care
  • Embrace and scale-up evidence-based practices

Read the entire blog post here.