Meet the New PACC Host Organization

EngenderHealth has officially taken over the role of host organization for the PAC Consortium for 2014 and 2015. EngenderHealth (then AVSC) was a founding member of the PAC Consortium and served as the host organization from 2000 to 2002. The organization has steadily worked to expand access to postabortion care services around the world, has been involved with implementing post-abortion care services in nearly 30 countries, and has trained more than 15,000 clinicians to provide lifesaving treatments. To learn more about EngenderHealth’s work on PAC, click here.

EngenderHealth looks forward to following in the footsteps of the previous host organization, Pathfinder International.

Over the next two years, the PAC Consortium will focus on:

  • expanding its membership;
  • improving availability of post-abortion care tools and resources through the Task Forces;
  • strengthening the capacity of country teams to advocate for increased availability and accessibility of quality PAC services and scale-up of successful PAC interventions;
  • strengthening capacity of member organizations to address priority PAC-related issues to increase funding for PAC; and
  • expanding global visibility and awareness of postabortion care issues through social media and other communications vehicles.

The EngenderHealth co-chairs of the PAC Consortium will be Dr. Defa Wane ( and Dr. Ominde Japheth Achola ( The EngenderHealth PACC coordinator will be Christopher Lindahl (