Essential Elements of PAC: Service Delivery Barriers and Resources

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new document from the PAC Consortium’s Service Delivery Task Force: Essential Elements of Postabortion Care: Service Delivery Barriers and Resources.

Barriers to service delivery exist for each of the essential elements of the postabortion care (PAC) model. In 2013, the PAC Consortium’s Service Delivery Task Force, co-chaired by Holly Blanchard and Boniface Sebikali, sought input from the membership in identifying important service delivery barriers and resources to address those barriers. This new document provides strategies and tools to reduce barriers to PAC service delivery. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all resources related each barrier, but a compendium of tools that can be used by health system officials, health care workers and other professionals to overcome barriers to PAC service provision. Please contact Christopher Lindahl to suggest additional resources for inclusion.

The Service Delivery Task Force will now prioritize the most important service delivery barriers and work collaboratively to address them by identifying or developing appropriate resource materials.

We welcome new members to the Service Delivery Task Force! Please contact co-chairs Holly Blanchard and Boniface Sebikali if you are interested in joining us.