Addressing Stigma and Quality of Care Issues in PAC Services: Fall Meeting Recap

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend “Addressing Stigma and Quality of Care Issues in PAC Services” in November.  A recording of the morning sessions is now available below along with the presentations.  A short report summarizing discussions will be available soon.


The State and Future of Postabortion Care
Katherine Turner, Ipas and Maureen Corbett, IntraHealth International

Stigma, Discrimination and Human Rights: Making Connections for the PAC Context
Kati LeTourneau, inroads and Bia Galli, Ipas (begins around 24:30)

After Legalization of Abortion: The Continued Relevance of PAC in Nepal
Indira Basnett, Ipas (begins around 1:20:00)

A Tale of Two Abortion Contexts in One Country: Abortion Services and Stigma in Mexico
Patricio Sanhueza Smith, Secretariat of Health, Mexico City (begins around 1:42:30)

PAC in Rwanda: Program Highlights and Issues around Stigma
John Muganda, Rwanda Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (begins around 2:07:30)