Pathfinder to Lead PAC Consortium

Pathfinder International assumed the Chair of the PAC Consortium from EngenderHealth during an auxiliary event to the International Conference on Family Planning.  As Chair, over the next two years, Pathfinder International will steward a collaborative process that will expand the scope of the Consortium’s work to advance post-abortion care as part of the full spectrum of comprehensive abortion care.

“The Consortium has and will continue to play a vital role in improving services for women who suffer from complications related to miscarriage and abortion.  Broadening the focus of the Consortium to include comprehensive abortion care reflects our collective efforts to help even more women access the information and care they need to take control of their reproductive health regardless of where they live,” said Purnima Mane, CEO of Pathfinder International.  “Each year, more than 20 million women have unsafe abortions worldwide.  Working together, the Consortium can play a role in helping women around the world avoid unwanted pregnancies, eliminate unsafe abortion, and improve access to safe abortion services.”

Since 1993, the PAC Consortium has worked to raise awareness in the reproductive health community about the need to address complications of unsafe abortion and miscarriage.  This is the fourth time Pathfinder has been Consortium Chair, most recently serving from 2011-2013.

During its two-year tenure, Pathfinder will work with members of the Steering Committee and the Consortium broadly in a collective process to integrate comprehensive abortion care (CAC) into its work.  This process will equip both the Consortium and its members with the tools, resources, and networks necessary to advance CAC, where possible, while continuing to emphasize the importance of PAC services, especially in restrictive environments.

Pathfinder’s leadership will help to ensure that the PAC Consortium continues to grow and expand its membership with a focus on reaching in-country health care providers who can play a key role as champions for increased access to PAC and CAC services within their programs, governments, and communities.


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