Join us as we expand our scope!

Dear PAC Consortium Community,

We are writing to provide updates on the Postabortion Care Consortium (PACC) and build upon or last email informing on the expanded scope of the Consortium. Over the last year the Steering Committee has reflected on our mission, evaluated the progress we have made, and discussed our vision for the future. The Consortium will expand its scope beyond postabortion care (PAC) to include safe abortion care to the fullest extent permitted in each context. We believe in the importance of addressing PAC as part of a continuum of comprehensive abortion care (CAC), while accounting for a range of policy and practice environments that differ from one setting to the next. We will therefore work to bridge divides between settings where mainly PAC is offered and those where the full range of abortion services are available and facilitate experience and knowledge sharing to learn from each other and improve quality and access everywhere.

To reflect these changes, the Consortium will be expanding from the Postabortion Care Consortium (PACC) to the Abortion and Postabortion Care Consortium (APACC). The Steering Committee is excited that this new name (APACC) will express our commitment to advocating for policy change and increased resources for services across the full continuum of abortion care, including provision of learning opportunities, tools and support to those ensuring access to quality PAC and CAC in the developing world.

As part of this expansion, the Abortion and Postabortion Care Consortium will be changing to a new email listserv hosted by SRHR Communities, which will also become more interactive membership platform over time. We ask that you join us in this exciting move by clicking the link below and registering.

The Consortium is committed to continuing to serve as a valuable resource to meet the needs of our all our members working in postabortion and abortion care across the continuum of care and in all contexts across the world.

Finally, the Steering Committee is happy to announce our first knowledge sharing event as the Abortion and Postabortion Care Consortium. Please join us at the 31st International Confederation of Midwives Triennial Congress (ICM 2017) for an interactive event entitled Competency Seven in Practice: Case Studies in Abortion-related Care for Pregnancy Termination or Loss on June 20th 7am – 8:15am EST. The full invite can be seen below.


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We thank you for your continued support.



The APAC Consortium Steering Committee